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About Us

ChangeOfAddressForm allows you to change your mailing address online. Rather than standing in line at a post office, you can change your address quickly from home, saving you valuable time. In addition, ChangeofAddressForm allows you to order all of your essential home services online. As a member of the WhiteFence Network, ChangeOfAddressForm offers you the WhiteFence Best Price Guarantee when comparing and ordering your services. This means that the prices published by service providers on this site will not exceed their published prices for services and products generally available to customers at your particular residence when ordering those same services and products online or by telephone. You can compare and order essential home services such as electricity, gas, phone, cable and satellite TV, high-speed Internet, change of address, newspapers, insurance and banking.

PLEASE NOTE: ChangeOfAddressForm is NOT your phone, cable, satellite, electricity or Internet provider. ChangeOfAddressForm allows you to connect or transfer your service, only.

If you have questions about your service (billing, payments, disconnections, etc.), you must contact your utility company directly. See your bill for contact information.

Why Use Change of Address Form?
It costs you absolutely nothing to change your address using our service.
Quick and Easy
Our service saves you a trip to the post office and takes less than five minutes.
E-Mail Confirmation
We will send you an immediate e-mail confirmation of your change of address request.
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