10 Indications Your New Neighbors are Nosey

In today’s suburbs the houses seem to be getting closer and closer together.  Soon I feel like you’ll be able to pass a cup of sugar between your windows.  With this close proximity of our neighbors it’s kind of hard to not be aware of things that are going on next door.  The key to good neighbor relations is to mind your own business and if you do hear something pretend you didn’t.  Now, some people didn’t get that memo and are kind of nosey.  Check out 10 indications your new neighbors are nosey.

  1. Peaking through the blinds: Do you notice your neighbor looking out their window every time you are outside with your family? The curtains are moving as you pull into your driveway.  One slat in the blind is open while the rest of the blind is closed.  Maybe you are all the entertainment they get in a day.
  2. Taking the trash out at the same time: Do your neighbors seem to take their trash out at the exact same time you do every week? That seems rather suspicious doesn’t it?  It seems like they are in hopes that you will strike up a conversation with them.  When you do say hello to them do they stand and talk your leg off?  Maybe they are just lonely you think so you chat with them, week after week it keeps happening so that taking out the trash is an hour long event.  After weeks of this you decide to sneak your trash out at midnight to avoid the neighbor.
  3. Asking you personal questions: While you and your family are out in the yard the neighbor appears and strikes up a conversation. No problem at this point because you want to be good neighbors, but then you think it’s odd that the neighbor asks about where your wife was last night until 1 in the morning and other specific questions.
  4. Neighbor gets your mail: Once or twice a month the neighbor comes bringing over your mail because they received it by “accident”. You know they are nosey when the envelopes seem a little damp like they’ve been steamed open and then resealed.
  5. Borrows sugar, but doesn’t bake: You know your neighbor is nosey when she comes over to borrow a cup of sugar, but you’ve never seen her bake. While in the house waiting for you to get the sugar she wanders around looking at everything.
  6. Takes too long in your bathroom: You’ve invited several neighbors over for a barbeque and the nosey neighbor uses your bathroom and takes forever in there. Next time you go in there everything is a little out of place like every drawer and cupboard had been gone through.
  7. You find them looking over the fence into your yard: While taking out the dog you look up and see your neighbor looking into your yard. When you look right at them they just walk away without explanation as to what they were doing or looking for.
  8. Other neighbors tell you things: Then other neighbors start knowing things about you and your family that there is no way they should know. Or they tell you that the nosey neighbor asks specific questions about you or has told them stories about what goes on at your house.  They heard an argument the other night; they sure hope you don’t get a divorce.  Nosey remarks that are cloaked as concern.
  9. Items you’ve left out for trash appear at your neighbor’s house: The baby pool that had a crack in it or the old broom that you put in your trash can appears at the neighbor’s house. You may see them using the broom to sweep the walk or using the baby pool as a planter.  You are all for recycling, but it seems weird that they dug around in your trash can.
  10. Voices and opinion about your argument last night: You really know your neighbor is nosey when the lady of the house tells you that your husband was completely in the wrong and that you should stick to your guns.  When you ask what she’s talking about she refers to the argument that she overheard last night.  If this happens, I think it’s time to move.