10 Reasons People need a Passport

There was a time only a short while ago where Americans could travel into Mexico and Canada by just showing their driver’s license.  Times are changing and people who travel have to change too or limit their travel to the country they live in.  Check out 10 reasons people need/want a passport.

  1. ID: Passports can serve as identification when requesting a new birthday certificate or a new driver’s license.  It is also your main identification in foreign countries.
  2. Keep track of travels: Every time you enter a country they stamp your passport with an ink stamp that is uniquely from that country.  By looking at your passport you can tell when you were in which country.
  3. Allow you to enter a foreign country: Without a passport is not possible to enter a foreign country.  You need to show your passport at the border to be allowed into a country.
  4. Protection: While a passport doesn’t guarantee that the consulate will help you if you get into trouble in a foreign land, but the verbiage inside the passport requests help for the bearer of that passport should they need it.
  5. Return home: Your passport allows you to return home after traveling abroad.  Leaving the country is easy, but getting back in is the hard part.
  6. Some hotels in Europe: Sometimes hotels in Europe will keep your passport overnight while they prepare records for the police.
  7. Visas: To receive a visa to travel or stay in certain countries you need to submit your passport to the correct agency that can give you a Visa.  It’s important that there be a completely blank page in your passport for your Visa stamp.
  8. Spur of the moment travel: Just think, you best friend’s husband has become ill and she has two tickets to France and she asks you to go along.  If you have your passport you will be able to take her up on the trip if not there is probably not enough time to get a passport before she is set to leave.
  9. To reassure Custom agents: Passports are closely tied to border security which people take very seriously.  Having a passport in good order will allow you to pass through customs with little problem.
  10. To look cool at parties: Passports have been used in games at parties to match up singles at a meet and greet party.  Looking at the stamps in each other’s passport is a great conversation starter.