10 Ways to Save on Postage Stamps

Every little bit helps in tough economic times. When money’s tight, it pays to be creative in finding means to save even a little extra cash. It’s easy to overlook some of the smaller ways to save, but when you add them all up, you can start to save some real dollars. Let’s take a look at one of those penny savers, shall we? It’ ll be good for you to take a nice long gander at some of the ways you’ve been letting money sift through your fingers, and into Uncle Sam’s pocket.

Here are 10 ways you can save on postage stamps:

  1. E-Billing – Most utility companies and service providers offer some form of online payment method. As more and more businesses are going green, paperless billing and online payments have become the norm. Some companies even offer a discount on their services when you sign up for paperless billing. More savings for you.
  1. E-mail – wherever possible and practical, correspond via email rather than snail mail. It’s fast, it’s free and takes up a lot less space for record-keeping. Specify e-mail as your preferred contact method whenever you’re given the option to choose.
  1. Third Class Mail – When it absolutely, positively doesn’t have to get there by morning, why pay the difference? Mail it early and save the extra dough.
  1. Pack Light – When shipping parcels, use lightweight packing material such as Styrofoam popcorn. And don’t over-pack, especially if it means using a larger container. The added weight, and sometimes the larger size, will increase the cost of postage.
  1. Not-so-Special Delivery – Avoid sending anything Special Delivery during the week. It won’t get there any faster. Special Delivery only expedites night and weekend mailings, so the difference in cost is a wasted expense.
  1. Don’t Air Mail – Mail sent over distance within North America will be sent by air anyway, even for the less expensive First Class postage.
  1. Buy a Postage Meter – You can save significantly over time by avoiding over-stamping your mail. The money you’ll save by paying exact postage will pay for the purchase in no time.
  1. Use Certified Mail – instead of the more expensive Registered Mail when your outgoing needs signatures. It will satisfy your requirement of confirming receipt just as well, and for less.
  1. Scroooged! – Are you absolutely sure you want to send season’s greetings to everyone on your Christmas card list? Maybe it’s time to re-consider that couple you met 12 years ago at the time-share resort. You know the ones. They bored you with family updates every year for a decade and, if you recall, stuck you with the tab at the tiki bar that last night in Cabo.
  1. Shop Around – USPS isn’t always the cheapest alternative for shipping. Check the rates with other carriers before sending off that last fruitcake to your old time-share buddies.

See? Those pennies did add up, didn’t they? Now go ahead and roll them all up, buy yourself a nice little Thank You card, and send it UPS.