Comparing the Top USPS Change of Address Websites

There are many different websites that help you change your address with the USPS. We thought it would be helpful if we were to create a quick table to compare the costs and other characteristics of the various change of address websites

Site 100% FREE Cost Years in Business Ad Overload
Change of Address Form, LLC YES $0 15+ NO
Change My Postal Address NO $49.95 2+ YES
Movers Guide – USPS NO $1 15+ YES
1 Stop Move YES $0 15+ YES
Change of Addresses NO $39.95 2+ YES
Change The Postal Address NO $39.95 1 YES
Postal Changes NO $24.99 2+ YES
Fast Address Change NO $49.95 2+ YES

NOTE: may also offer an OPTIONAL express service for users that choose it, but it is not required for you to change your address.

Business Change of Address Processing

We are one of the only alternatives shown that allows businesses to process a change of address. With us you simply select business as the type of address change and complete the rest of the form like usual. This is a huge advantage of

6 Things We Utilize to Combat Change of Address Fraud

We have changed how we operate over the years and that’s mainly to make sure we do everything we can to avoid change of address fraud. That happens when someone illegally and fraudulently changes the address of someone else through filing a change of address with the USPS. It may seem like we have made the site more difficult to use but we are doing so only for your own safety. Here are the main ways we attempt to stop fraudulent Form 3575 filings:

We want you to know that we put a lot of thought into the process we are currently using and while it can change from time to time we really want to remain focused on security so we can keep your mail safe and our mail safe. In the end we know you have a choice in choosing your change of address provider and we appreciate that you have chosen to trust us.

5 Things to Watch for with Online Change of Address Websites

There are many address change services to choose from but a lot of them look to be free but in the end charge you anywhere from $25 to $50 as you see in the chart above. As we all know, you can go into any U.S. Post Office and fill out a FORM 3575 to change your address for free. At Change of Address Form, LLC we know that and we are providing just a faster and easier way to get that form. With that said others are not doing that and causing a lot of confusion. Here are some signs that will help you know if the site you are on really is for free.

The main thing to avoid is the idea that you are changing your address for free when in reality they might be charging you up to $50. Please be sure to read the fine print and if you aren’t sure it’s always possible to just go to the post office and change your address there with no risk and no cost associated with the change. Actually, if a website does not tell you that, it would be another red flag.